Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What's a date night?

The reason I ask is because most to all of my friends speak of date nights.. Single friends, friends in relationships, married friends.. all have dated. All except me..

It was almost as awkward as being in a conversation with my mates about clubbing when I was 21 only to admit I'd never been..

So everybody's doing it, and although I never saw what the big deal was about I decided to ask convince Matt to come out and leave the kids at home tonight. 

After teeing up a reliable baby sitter (A very wonderful uncle who is and has always been there when I've needed him) an hour energy boost, otherwise known as a nana-nap and a quick run down on what to do if Jie's Asthma was to play up, we were out the door and out of sight!

For once in my life I had a man open the doors for me.. I remember thinking "Did my husband just open the taxi door for me" and enjoyed the moment that so many others take for granted. I know your probably reading this thinking I sound silly but keep in mind I have been opening car doors for kids the last 6 years, strapping kids in, holding a bucket for Jie because of his car sickness etc. Something as simple as a car door being opened - especially for you - is amazing!

Once at the venue, Matt and I grabbed a glass of our desired drinks and headed for a seat outside. It was so peaceful and again we both looked and felt pretty lost without the kids. A conversation sparked in no time before heading in to claim our booking where they confirmed by saying "For Mr and Mrs Baker?".. So exciting!!

Everything about tonight was wonderful, the food, the eye candy on the opposite side of the table, the 2 phone calls home in two hours to verify everything was okay, the three glasses of Mascato I drank and the walk home.. 

Most of all, the love I seen in Matt's eyes for me..

Just perfect in every way..

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Anonymous said...

Im glad you enjoyed your date night .Its great to have the kids with you but it's also important for you both to have time just for each other xx mumma Donna xx

Brenda said...

Following from MBC!

Tendrils Of My Existence said...

I'm glad that you love and are loved in return. According to Moulin Rouge, that's the greatest you'll ever learn. =)

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