Wednesday, 11 April 2012


.. have I said no to a potato cake which was going to be tossed into the bin.
.. have I sat next to a jewish man on his way to the city to a job interview with the NAB bank, who actually admitted he wanted in on the corruption of the banks!
.. have I plucked a strand of hair out of someones head, and covered it so well.
.. have I seen a well dressed buisness looking man pull out empty coffee cups, taking the lids off and start drinking the drop left in the cup.
.. have I high-five'd a stranger in a pink shirt.
.. have I brought a passion-fruit yogurt over a whole food court of yummy all-sorts.
.. have I had to pee from laughing so much.
.. have I walked behind a girl with big thighs wearing tights and hot pants which were clearly too small.
.. have I seen a cowboy in an alley.
.. have I seen a shop this unique.

found on Flinders Lane.

.. have I walked three and a half hours in ugg boots
.. have I seen a guy who walks up stairs for a living fall up the stairs and act like no one saw.
.. have I been in the same elevator 8 times and felt so scared.
.. have I seen so much graffiti in a side street.
.. have I seen so many motor bikes and scooters parked on a footpath.
.. have I brought my brother a new jacket just because.

Never - Until Now!

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