Monday, 16 April 2012

Day One, Term Two..

No need to shake Jie twice this morning. I think he was excited for his first day back at school. 

With his bag packed, lunch made and bus money in his big-boy wallet he was out the door and ready for his first day back at school.

Time ticked by so slowly without him at home with Nevaeh watching repeats of The Jungle Book..

As soon as he got off the bus he was excited to tell me 101 new things happening this term.

Once at home he snacked on  apple puree' before changing into his PJ's and settling in for the night..

His reader was read with confidence and his sight words sounded out with ease!

He ate most of his dinner (Creamy Tomato Fettuccine) which was so awesome to see. He is my picky eater, he wont eat spaghetti bolognese but loved his dinner tonight.

Before bed Jie brushed his teeth, grabbed a glass of water, gave me his lovin' and went straight to sleep with only four words on his lips - I love you Mum!! 

This boy never seizes to amaze me..

Reminding me every day that he's a big kid now!

Tomorrow's surprise Lunch
Honey and Peanut butter sandwiches, an apple and cinnimon baked bar, a chocolate cake, cheese and bacon balls, a yogurt musli bar, and some fresh strawberries and grapes is what Jie will see at lunch time tomorrow.. 

I just so love being a Mum to such great kids!


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