Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bunnies at Bostock Reservioir

Today was yet another brilliant day, a day with a family I've always longed for. My Dad, my brother, my wonderful husband with the laughter of our two blessings from God himself.

The kids had busy fingers all day.
Searching for the larger rocks to throw in the water to see whose would make the biggest splash.
Prying under rocks and leaves for they're first look at where lizards (Skinks) live.
Nursing a skink saying "Oh no, it's okay boy" when it's tail dropped off.
Fumbling the footy and marking speckies.
Spying to see how to cast a rod exactly the way Poppy does.
Playing with really wiggly moist worms.
Wrapping both hands around a BBQ'd hamburger, potato, egg, onion and salad sanga.
Winding windows down to get a better look at the rabbits playing in the late afternoon air.
and clicking in seat-belts for the short trip home.

But amongst all the busyness, I managed to take a back seat for an hour to have a quick re-read through the book of Matthew and while reading, verse 45 caught my eye like never before. In the moment I was reading it the sun came out. Although I was on a hill, by myself, away from everyone, looking out over the water thinking about the verse, the sun was upon me. The warmth soaked into my skin and the goosebumps from the frozen wind on my arms were calmed with light.. It was incredible and as much as I try to explain it, it wont give credit to how much it hit me that we need light. And as the bible says God is light, how much we really need Him!

Sitting alone, cold and away from my family who were down the hill fishing, I heard God. I felt God. Today he was as real to me as if he just sat beside me.. He knows I need him, He knows my name and He knows and planned my past, present and future. It's because of the blood shed pierced from His sons brutally belted body that I have all the love, life, hope, purpose and peace I need to get me though the everyday miseries that come with being human, which will ultimately set me free from my body one day to a life completely sinless..

Although Jesus has not yet come.. he is here and near.. And he knows I'm ready.

I'm Ready!

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