Monday, 23 April 2012

Unfathormable Friendships

Unfathomable: not capable of being sounded or measured and impossible to come to understand. 
 Friendships: a state of mutual trust and support between two people.

 Dear Zoe,
You have been my rock, my sister and my friend. You have been there for me when no one else was. You could have me breaking a smile while my insides were full of pain, hurt and neglect. To me you mean the word. Back in high school 2001, when we first met you shone out of the croud.. No matter where we were we'd always be together. I wiped your tears in some of the hardest times in your life and you wiped mine. You'd skip a class if you knew I was hurting just to hold me, to comfort me and to promise you'd always be there. Our friendship remained as I moved states. Letters from you would fill my heart with love while others left me wanting to come back and hold you so tight. From day one my heart took you in and although we lost contact it never let you go. I'm so blessed to have had you beside me through Matt and my break ups, Nevaeh's birth, our 21st but most of all my wedding! I only hope you one day realize that God was the one who placed us into each others lives. The months I'd wish for guidance struggling with an alcohol addicted father it wasn't by coincidence or luck that you became a part of me but by a higher being, by the creator of my heart.. and for that I'm internally grateful each and every day. I love you!

Okay I'm crying just at writing your name. Your presents in my life and such a vital time in my adolescents was never by mistake. I strongly believe God placed you in my life at such a time as I was finding who I was and who I wanted to be. While attending FGSHS in grade ten I struggled to find myself. It was while on a Christian Camp that you and I found each other. A few weeks later I was sitting in your lounge room meeting your wonderful husband and some of your most treasured friends. It was then and there that I wanted what you had. A beautiful home, a loving/soulful husband, lifelong friends and most of all a heart for Christ. I took everything you ever taught me and pinned them onto my heart. While in foster homes, youth shelters and on the streets it was the things I was taught of God's love that got me through and kept me strong. Katherine, you believed in me long after everyone else gave up on me. You'd call me while I was homeless just to say hi and to tell me you loved me. That in itself is Jesus. Thank you!

My nearest and dearest friend. My journey with you has been an extraordinary one. When I first moved to Bacchus Marsh 7 years ago I struggled to find a church or even christian friends. When I met you I fell in love with your personality, loved your relationship with your two youngest sons at the time and how accepting you were of me. Since then, with a few speed humps and stop sign's along the way but our friendship has stood firm. God knew your friendship, love, kindness etc. was perfect for me, exactly what I'd been praying for. Not only did He have us meet and become friends, but Jie and your sons getting together, nevaeh and your precious little girl dancing and Matthew and Marky become best mates! That to me is beyond amazing!! Penny, I love that you've been encouraging me to be a better person, to have me know that I'm loved, respected and worthy to be everything I'd ever wanted to be. It's your belief in me that haves me believing in me! For that - I'm proud to have you as my friend and sister. Praise God!!

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~Nikki~ said...

Oh Mel, this is so beautiful. Praise God indeed for these gorgeous friends, and for the way God has blessed you with their friendship. Just really precious to read. Thanks for sharing your heart xo

Mrs Baker said...

It's always been inside me, I'm so glad I'm free to let it out! God gave me all the tools needed to create the person I am today.. Without even one of these girls I know I wouldn't be where I am today!!

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