Sunday, 15 April 2012

Camping at Lake Cairn Curran

This is why I love blogging, I love capturing the kids firsts and documenting our lives especially when we're away from home.

We spend the morning trying to find our way around the Malmsbury and Laurinston Reservoir's near Kynton before finding a notice board which indicated that the lakes were full of Blue Green Algae. 

We loaded up arriving at Lake Cairn Curran a little before 12pm. 

The guys baited the lines up 
 and within 5 minutes of Jiedyn tossing his rod out he was helping me reel it in catching himself his very first fish - A baby red fin.
 We casted the rods in again before I found a soft surface to pitch our tent and lay out our beds,
 while the others gathered fire wood for the fire that would cook our dinner and keep us warm.

After the camp was set up we all went to fish in our desired spots,
 Uncle Al and Meagan posed for this gorgeous shot with the river behind them,
 Then Uncle Al gave Jiedyn his first lesson in yabbies.

 As the sun was going down I took the opportunity to head off on my own for a bit.

 When the sun went down, there was no moon in sight making the tapestry of stars look breathtaking and the fire and our faces glow.

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Susan Evans said...

It looks like you had fun. How awesome that your son caught a fish so fast!

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