Thursday, 26 April 2012


Right now it's 2.33 Thursday morning and I'm wide awake! This time three years ago I was in the first stages of labor with our beautiful girl, this time the following year I was rubbing bonjela on her soft gums to help her sleep, last year I was writing this post and well this morning.. I'm writing this one!

So let me start by explaining this particular photo^ 

You may not think much of it but this shows you a rare glimpse 4 things she really loves..

1. That thing in her mouth, un-needed and one of the first things we'll be tackling this morning when she wakes up!!
2. The puppy under her arm, his name is ralph but comes to his pet name - Ralphy! Nevaeh loves that dog, she has us up searching for him some nights. But most nights, she knows exactly where he is.
3. The DSi, or should I say - The now broken Dsi. The most fought over toy in all the house! When she's not playing with it, she hides it from her brother.. Under beds, in pillow cases, under cushions etc. 
4. Notice where she is sitting? leaning on me! Never sitting still, always free to wonder away..

If anyone was to come to visit, this is exactly how they would see Nevaeh!

Yesterday our baby was two and today she'll be learning she is a tot no longer, but instead - a preschooler! She now has her name on our family chore chart and has things expected of her. She now learns right from wrong and yes from no. Today and over the next few months she'll be introduced to things like sleeping in a bed, respect, authority and how to use a toilet, She'll learn to say grace, brush her hair and keep her room tidy.

I'm actually quite excited about her turning three, she'll have more independence and will be learning the first steps on how to be self sufficient. 

Last night before bed I got two special kisses. Although I wanted a whole bunch more, two was all she was offering.. 

How appropriate! 

Today she is three.. 

No more dummy..

No more nappies..

No more cot..

and no more baby....

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Tiffanie A said...

Following you from Mom Bloggers! I love the blog! I would love for you to stop by my blog

Jane said...

love your blog and enjoy reading your entries. Have a great day!

Nae's Nest, Renee Robinson said...

Hi Melissa,
I found you on blogaholic. We are in the google plus group. I am connecting in all of your social networking groups. I invite you to see my blog, I hope you will like it. I would love if you would return the favor. Thanks Renee

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