Sunday, 11 March 2012

As Busy as a Beaver..

Remember that post I posted back in January about Jiedyns responsibilities and rewards for 2012? If not or your new you can find it here.. Today Jiedyn was hard at work wanting to earn pop corn for something special - Beyblades! Since going to school Jiedyn has been watching the older boys at lunchtime battle they're beyblades and came home one day really interested in getting his hands on some of his own. It was a special moment because up until that point I had made choices for him, like pokemon etc. It was so exciting for me when he came home that day with an interest of his own.

Today Jie was as busy as a beaver, he got all his responsibilies done before lunch.. 
made his bed, got dressed and folded his PJ's..
accepted the "special chore" which rewarded him an extra three pop corn..
Combed his hair and brushed his teeth..
With all of the things he did come..
some kind of corny pieces..
to put into his rewards jar!!
Jiedyn has loved doing this but as you can see by his jar it's not all expected of him. There are only three magnets on the list which we do expect from him each day and they are for him to brush his teeth, read his reader and pray before bed.. As long as those three things are under the "Done" list by bedtime, this Mummies happy. Also, "the special chore", (which does in fact have a magnet) is a choice chore and can only be named after there is nothing left for him to do for the day. This may include watering the garden, putting a load of washing on, cleaning the windows etc. Jie has the choice of doing it for an extra three pop corn or not doing it at all. It's working marvelously, he's not yet said no to his allocated "special chore" and he loves that he is helping me.. 

Great jobs Jie and thank you!

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Kelly-Marie said...

Clever Jiedyn His to do list is nearly all done .. mine on the other hand is still full up of things that need to be done :(

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