Thursday, 27 September 2012

Three Days, Two Nights..

 Day 1
 We set off for a small adventure to my brothers house in Ballarat.
Two buses and a train later we arrived excited and ready for some fun!
The kids played out the back before dinner.
Nevaeh lost her shoe in the massive backyard of waist high grass.
It was awesome to see them so free and just being kids!
For dinner we ordered fish 'n chips and the kids went to bed early.
They were exhausted from the train trip!
Allan, Meagan and I stayed up until 3am talking and messing around.
It was exactly what I needed.

Day 2.

Day two started at 7am!
The kids woke up and had breakfast, cheese on toast.
All day the kids we're snacking and being spoilt by they're Uncle.
After pies for lunch we headed out side to play hide and seek.
Before dinner my brother and the kids baked a cake.
After that we played four square.
They ate all of they're chicken, chips and gravy for a piece after dinner!
The kids went to bed after big brother.
I took advantage of my brothers spa after watching big brother and cleaning up after tea.
Accompanied by bubbly and chocolate!
I fell asleep feeling so relaxed before 10pm.
Allan stayed up installing game-droid onto my phone so I could play Mario.

Day 3.

Kids were up at first light.
They couldn't wait to get outside and play and did so straight after breakfast.
Yoga came on the telly and both the kids were soon copying!
After yoga came milkshakes!!
We left around lunchtime for the trip home.
Because Nevaeh lost her shoes, she scored a new pair from Big W.
I got a little crazy in Big W buying the kids clothes, shoes and toys!
For the train ride home the kids got a special treat..
Chewing Gum!!

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Anonymous said...

AH sounded like an amazing mini vacation. So did you find Nevaeh shoe? lol I just had to ask cause I personally hate when that happens. Oh it was so cute when they were doing yoga. Bet you really enjoyed the time with your brother huh?

Nell said...

Sounds like you all had a great mini vacation!

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