Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Seventh Heaven

Let this be a time to reflect on the last 7 years of Jiedyn Karl

Jiedyn was born in 2005, he shares his birthday with little Miss Mia Hewitt.

Jiedyn's first word was "yeah"

Jiedyn's best friend until he was two was our pet dog Nig.

Jiedyn went to Circus Royale for his 2nd birthday.

A couple of weeks later he went with friends to see The Wiggles.

Jie's favorite sayings when he was three were "Wanna fight Mikey?" quoted from the TMNT and
"I did that.. last night"

Jiedyn's favorite TV show was Merlin, and he used to enjoy watching it with his Nana before she passed in 2010. He still loves it today.

Jiedyn knew his numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and more by the time he was five.

Jie did pre-school two years in a row and enjoyed it a lot more the second time.

On March 26th, 2011 Jie got invited to his first birthday. Photos here.

Jiedyn had his very first birthday party last year, a pirate hat picnic party!

Earlier this year Jie had a day off school to stand  up for something he believed in.

And last month Jie performed in front of his school. Check this out.

Jiedyn has come along way. He has manners, shows respect, loves Jesus, has a handful of really good friends, looks out for his sister and is always willing to help others. I have a three way (parent-student and teacher) interview tomorrow and actually look forward to it.

In just two days time Jie will be seven and the chapter of being six will close and a new page will open. I only hope that he'll continue to be my seventh heaven.

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