Sunday, 20 February 2011

Is there such thing as praying too much?

Lately uʎpǝıſ has been praying a lot.. and when I say a lot I mean A-lot!! He prays about every little thing. For example today Jie woke up sick, he couldn't stop throwing up and just couldn't stop. He asked me to pray to help him feel better so I did. Within half an hour he was fine jumping around and playing hide and seek.

Then later he got the hiccups, I told him to hold his breath.. when they didn't go away he had another one of his brilliant ideas and asked his almighty God to take them away.. and straight after the prayer we waited for a hiccup together but they were gone!! I was gob smacked!! uʎpǝıſ just smiled at me then said "I told you God listens to me Mum"

Before dinner ɥǝɐʌǝᴎ was playing in his room with him today when next minute I hear. "Dear God, can you please tell Vaya to stop touching my good cars because I gave her my old ones but she still keeps touching these ones and when I tell her to stop she just gets angry at me and I don't want her to be angry - Amen"

Today alone Jie prayed around 6 times!! Is this normal and should I limiting his prayer times?

Thanks in advance

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katherine said...

It's wonderful! God loves conversation no matter what it is about. You may have to be ready to explain that God doesn't ALWAYS answer the way we want though, when that time comes!

☆ Melissa ☆ said...

I think he is starting to realise. The other night he asked God for ice cream and because he didn't eat all his dinner he went to bed with none. Then he prayed again to God asking him why he wasn't listening to him anymore.. so I explained that God would have loved for him to have dessert but he would have loved it more if he ate his veggies. He was happy with that :]]

~Nikki~ said...

It's a tough lesson for us all to learn to accept no as an answer. I don't think you should worry about J praying so much. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." matthew 19:14. I'm pretty sure God is delighted by his childlike faith xo

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