Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Preschool for Sonzie!

uʎpǝıſ and I had a great conversation while walking to preschool today! One how he would miss me, I would miss him and how he wanted me to stay with him or otherwise he would cry.

As I put his bag in his rack and told him not to forget his hat when he goes outside I turn around and he is gone!

Peeping through the class room window I catch a glimpse of him showing off his Ben 10 t-shirt to his teacher Liz. I walk in the class and just watch for a moment. "Ben 10 has to twist his watch to turn into all different aliens" he was explaining to her. I whispered that Mum was going and expected him to beg me not to. I slowly walk away when I hear him say "Mum, you forgot to give me a kiss" I turned around and leant down to kiss him, he turned his head last second and I planted it on his cheeky cheek.

Bye son I say as I leave the room.. I'll miss you!

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ana-rose13 said...

awww! sometimes I wonder if kids say the things they do just because they know it will make our hearts melt. I bet you are proud that even though he said he would cry he has grown enough to know that you will be back at the end of the day and that preschool is a fun place to be. looks like he enjoys school which is always a good thing.

Melissa said...

Thanks Anna! He really does love it!

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