Thursday, 17 May 2012

Surprises for Him..

I think surprising our son today was a great success. .

While down the street with Nevaeh and Matt, I couldn't help but feel that a pair of little feet on the front of the trolly we're missing.. Jie has been at school now for over 4 months, yet I miss him as if he started  yesterday.

Meanwhile at his School today he had two hero's off the children's TV program, Lazy Town - Sportacus and Stephanie perform in front of the whole school. He was excited to leave this morning with a lunch order and his runners on for his favorite subject at the moment - Sports!

As Matthew, Nevaeh and I were waiting for a taxi to bring our shopping home, Matt suggested I walk to the school and surprise Jie with some afternoon tea. (I know, my husband is a little bit brilliant!!) I had fifteen minutes until pick up time.. so off I went to surprise our son!!

Once I got to the school, I waited in the corridor instead of outside with the other Mum's and Dad's (it was more sneaky that way!!) I watched as the kids sat on the mat raising they're hands to tell their teacher, Mrs Newton, about what they loved about the Lazy Town performance.

As Jie was dismissed, he stood up to grab his school bag and got a sight of me looking excited to see him! His jaw dropped before a massive smile made his face glow with glee.. "Muuuuuuum!" I walked in to give him a great big hug! He pulled his wallet out of his school bag to pull his bus fare money out "Keep it in your hand, you can get something special at the lolly shop on the way home" I said. He was just so excited!!

As his teacher came back in from saying goodbye to his class mates and their families, he turned to her and said "Mrs Newton, This is my Mum!" where she said "I know Jie! That's your special Mum!" His eyes lit up and then two long arms reached around my neck for a great big hug! "I love my Mum!!" he boasted..

I spoke to his teacher for a brief moment before being pulled around his class room. "I did this Mum.." he said pointing at a laminated piece of paper hanging above his head.. "And this.. and this..." I looked up at a robot made of shapes, then a birthday cake with Jiedyn's name and birthday written on it and even a curly snake.. "Wow.. I didn't know you could do that!!" I said "That's amazing!!"

We left the class and I soon found Jie showing me around his favorite school.. "This is the sandpit I play in" he said pointing at the sandpit. "..and this is the gym where I dance at lunchtime" he said leading me to the school Gymnasium. He went on to show me the canteen, library and office (Honestly I thought I'd never get out of there). It was nice to see him passionate and confidently speaking about his school is such a positive way..

When we left we sat down for a finger bun from the bakery before, yet another surprise..

A brand new Lamp!!

I've always wanted to do a space/robot theme in his room but out of all the rooms in our house, for some reason in his room - Nothing matches!!

I thought this new lamp would be the perfect start and focal point in his bedroom..

I'd love to know of any idea's you guys may have on this new theme.. I'm going to make this my new Winter project!! Stay tuned for updates and please keep me in mind if anything comes to mind!!

I'm off to bed after making my little boys day.. More fun tomorrow.. Night xx

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