Wednesday, 30 May 2012

World Environment Day Preparations..

Jie had the day off school today. This cold weather on this side of the globe has gotten us all sick. Last night seemed to be everyone's sick night. First Matt was sick, then Jie and then Nevaeh. Within 3 hours I had done two loads of washing, worn three pairs of Pyjama's, stript and changed two lots of sheets, doona covers and pillow cases, scrubbed floors, buckets and kids clothing, sang almost every nursery ryhme I was ever taught, told the most amazing make believe stories and prayed with and for my kids and my husband. Life's like this sometimes, but the feeling of being needed, tight gripped cuddles and getting lost in each of their eyes make being chucked on just that little bit worth it..

Anywho.. Today Jiedyn had his very first day off school. The first half of his day was spent resting in bed. Then the remainder was partly spent creating posters for World Environment Day coming up on the 5th of June and getting up to mischief with his sister.

Before we started on our posters and while Nevaeh was having a snooze, I was flicking through the channels and found a documentary on Logging and poaching in Africa! I encouraged Jie to watch it with me and it wasn't long before he realized the effects that Logging in particular had on native wildlife. I turned it off and got him to tell me some animals that live in Australian Forests.. His little heart broke once knowing that they'd lose they're homes. We then spoke about the Indigenous people who live on that land who too would loose they're homes. He understood everything and now had a reason to WANT to go to the event in the city on Tuesday.

When Nevaeh woke up I told her a few basics in a way which she would understand then asked her and Jie what they would say to the Men in the trucks if they saw them.

"That My Trees" - Nevaeh, 3 years

"Leave Our Trees Alone!" - Jiedyn, 6 years

So the slogans for they're posters have been approved!

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Penny said...

Hi hon. What time do we have to be there on Tue? Maybe we should catch the train in together? The earliest I can drop the boys off at school is 830, could come past and get you after that? What you thinking? I can't go home with you, but can go there. Excited much?

Mrs Baker said...

Yep, we'll be leaving on the 10.45 train!! VERY excited!

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