Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Special Mothers Day..

A beautiful mothers day card Jie made for me..
 I opened the card half expecting a pasted on love note but Jie wrote my card his own self! Inside the card read: Too Mum, I love you because I really love you.

Wrapping paper Jie made at school to wrap my present in.. Me and a rainbow around the world!! Isn't it creative? I thought so!!
As thoughtful as my son is, it was a big suprise to me when I opened the paper to find a brand new drink bottle. Jie said excitedly "It's for when you workout Mum! Do you like it?" My heart melted at that moment.. "I LOVE IT! I'm the luckest mum in the whole world" I said.

By far the best mothers day EVER!

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~Nikki~ said...

so very precious. You must be so proud of your little man. Happy Mother's Day Mel xo

Vicky said...

Aww, happy mothers day!

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