Wednesday, 23 May 2012

School Lunches, home made..

Plain old school lunches is what I remember at school. Same old peanut butter, a plain packet of chips, an apple and a muesli bar.. Who remembers what they're parents used to pack? Do you remember you parents asking you what you wanted?.. or did they just assume judging from whatever was left in your lunch box? Well this year our oldest son Jiedyn started School. I promised myself a long time ago that I never ever wanted to be like my Mum.. I 'm still working on that! Before grade prep began this year I brought the kids each a lunchbox from the Easy Lunch Box Website and soon started creating yummy lunchbox variety in Jie's lunchboxes. Today he is taking to school..

Mandies, teddies, celery and carrot with peatut butter and honey and a ham sanga!
Creating lunchboxes has been so much fun for all of our family and Jiedyn likes to request things every now at then. His most requested food to date would have to be..
green grapes!!
If he could, he'd have them every day of the week. He loves grapes more than yogurt!! 

I love the feeling of knowing what my son is eating at school. It is the one and only thing I have any say over while he is away from home. I thinks that might be why I enjoy it so much but I have noticed that with Nevaeh eating at home that she is not getting a great eating habit. It's just so much easier to put a few dim sims in a pot or a packet of noodles on the stove than to create a fun little meal for her. It's also so easy to give her what she wants when she wants it which sometimes has her in and out of the fridge a few times a day.. So thats why I have decided to start creating lunchbox fun at home for her too. Breakfast, morning tea and lunch! Do you have restriction on eating times with your young ones? and do your older kids lunchboxes reflect who you are and what you really want them to eat? 

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wendy said...

i used to pack him good healthy school lunches but now he is at high school its harder but I make sure that he eats well at home

Mrs Baker said...

Yey! you worked out how to comment!! Great answer!!

Sarah K. (The Mama Pirate) said...

Thankfully I don't have to pack lunches yet, the wee one is still too little. I sort of dread it though. My mom just always put whatever together in my lunch box but the best part was the little notes and stickers she would always tuck in.

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