Wednesday, 2 January 2013

School Holiday Fun with Friends

 With our energy saving power board set to 2 hours, the boys were given a chance to have some fun with the Wii. They enjoyed playing tennis, golf and boxing before being interupted while playing bowling.

The boys took it well and found something else to do rather quickly. Jie recieved a paper aeroplane kit for Christmas this year and having two mates to share it with turned it into a lot of fun!
 Jacob, Toby and Jie, cut, folded, glued, taped and decorated each of their paper planes with stickers. They tested, unfolded, refolded, made them unique until they were all happy with them.

They launched them from one end of the hallway and flew them down into Jiedyn's room. Testing each one for speed and distance.

Then they took the fun outside where the wind could lift the planes higher.
Jacob was the overall winner in speed.

Toby's went the furtherest.

A great day full of old fashioned fun all thanks to our nifty new energy saving power board.

And two creative friends of course!

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