Sunday, 3 May 2015

Our 2nd #sosblakaustralia March + Meeting Grandma!

On the 1st of May, just two days ago we marched with great pride and in solidarity with over 12,000 others in Flinders Street, Melbourne.  This was our second march in 3 weeks and it won't be our last.

The day before the march I went into the kids school to let their teachers know that they will be having the day off and to send them home with any work they will be missing. I didn't feel very supported after telling them that we were protesting for Indigneous land and civil rights but whatever opinion they had on the matter wasn't going to hinder my spirit in sticking up for what I think is right for my family and for our people under attack. If anything it may have even sparked a conversation in the staff room at lunch time.. 

So Friday morning before the Rally I asked the kids what they wanted to write on their banners. Jiedyn wanted a speech bubble poster saying 

"Respect the Aboriginal People and their land Tony Abbott!". 

I loved his speechbubble idea! Nevaeh said sternly.. 

"STOP! Stop taking Aboriginal peoples houses and homes Tony! Stop being nasty!!".

I was proud of my kids and they were very excited to be heading into the city to March.  On the train in we sat beside another mother taking her two kids in to March also giving them they day off, we had a lot in common and chatted the whole way. The kids took in the country from their window seats before chatting with an older man about school and the protest. As we got off he said that I had lovely children and commented on their manners and said they were very smart. I was encouraged.

We sat to eat before the March and I called my Mum to see if she was going, but more so to see if she was sober. I couldn't believe my luck when she was already there and sober. We organised to meet up before I hung up and thanked God for the moments ahead. 

We met up with Mum on the corner of Collins Street and Swanston Street. Jie, who met her at the last rally for the first time was so excited to be seeing her again and embraced her warmly. Nevaeh who was meeting her grandmother for the first time absolutely loved the attention and love Mum showed her and at one stage said to me..

"She really loves me Mum, she keeps kissing me and giving me great big cuddles. I love my Grandma because she loves me so much.." 
I know this time meant the absolute world to her.. 

We marched together chanting "No Pride in Genocide" and "Always was always will be Aboriginal land". Nevaeh held Mums hand and was her shadow the whole day. I caught Mum doting on her grand-kids as we walked the streets of Melbourne. During the sit down ceremony Mum (who suffers with Anxiety) bought the kids and frozen coke spiders before heading to the outer area of the March. We stayed just two rows for the front of the inner circle. We had a great spot where the kids could really engage with what was happening.

Afterwards we went to Kings Domain where a camp has been set up over the weekend. We enjoyed live music and the kids hung out with other kids rolling down the grass hills. 

We called it a night after having dinner with Mum though the kids didn't want to leave.

We got home at 10.30pm, had showers and I tucked the kids into bed.

We'll be back in Melbourne June 1st if you want to join us. 

Otherwise find out where your nearest rally is and get involved next month..

We might see you there!


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