Thursday, 30 April 2015


Things are getting pretty exciting around here as the weekend is approaching..

Friday will be a busy day as the kids and I venture into the city to protest. This is becoming quite enjoyable time to come together as a family to stand up for what we believe to be right in our country. In June 2012 we were at our very first protest, click here to read more.. Last month we, Jie and I again protested, but this time for basic human and land rights for our indigenous people here in Australia. Click here for more info..  Friday will be Nevaeh's first time marching.. We are all very excited..

Our first protest in 2012.

Saturday morning we will wake up to more excitement with Dad, the kid's Grandfather dropping in at approximately 6am to pick Jiedyn up for a boys fishing trip to Deniliquin, NSW. Dad and Jie will drive over the Victorian/New South Whales border and camp beside the famous Edward River. 

Nevaeh whom turned 6 over the weekend is excited about her birthday party this Saturday! She has invited four special friends to help her celebrate it here at home. She has been counting down the days and sleeps ever since.. I have been meaning to give her a Golden Book Birthday Party for two years now as she loves books and learning to read. This has been a very hard theme to track down matching items as both local and international online party sites seem to always be out of stock. So Nevaeh has decided on a PJ movie day instead! Although she hasn't yet decided on a Movie she knows what PJ's she will be wearing. All this week she has been excited, I just hope these 4 special friends show up for her..

BUT the biggest surprise of all will come on Sunday! When Nevaeh will get to see her best friend from Kindergarten! She misses this friend very much since being at school because her besty attends another school. Nevaeh has no idea that this little girls Mum and I have arranged this and has not seen this friend since the last day of pre-school. It is by far the most exciting thing I'm anticipating this weekend!

Follow us on Instagram to watch as each surprise unfolds over the weekend and I'll try and update our blog on Sunday! Have a great weekend guys.. 

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