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Our School Holiday Lowdown + Pictures

Tomorrow is Friday and is the last day of the first week back to school. Yet I haven't shared how our School Holidays panned out. Two weeks off and not one blog post.. Man, I better catch you up!

The kid's broke up on Friday the 27th of March though I gave them the day off. I can't remember the reason behind why I gave them a day off but I'm sure there was a completely valid explanation..

So Matt picked Nevaeh up for his weekend with her that Friday and so it was just Jie and I for the weekend. We cleaned up and did shopping before lounged around most of afternoon. I got another assignment finished and submitted it and we ended the night watching a video in Jie's room.

The second day of the holidays consisted of just about the same though I got through the kids school washing including their bags, hats etc.

That night after deciding that Jie was bored out of his brains we decided to go and "steal" his friend Tristan! My friend Sheena came over for a late night visit and from the Jie and I went back to their place to snatch up Trist for the night. His younger brother Gabriel also wanted to come so we ended up having a small movie night, read books and went to bed. Jie was thrilled to have company.

The next day the boys played and played. When Nevaeh got home from her Dad's she too joined in the fun. The day went really quick and so the beginning of the holidays kicked off in full swing, that night we went out for dinner to a local place just up the road from us called Stoney's Club. The meals were pretty average and so we didn't stay long but it was nice to get all dressed up for a family night out.
Tuesday I got high marks for the assignments I had submitted. Later on I organised to go out for dinner and a family movie night with Matt (My husband + Nevaeh's Father) for Easter as the kid's and I were leaving the Thursday before Good Friday to spend the Easter long weekend with my Dad and watch Richmond (Jie and Dad's team) play my team on Thursday night. As usual it was a waste of time with Matt spending all of maybe 20 minutes with us  being more worried about catching the last bus home because he was tired. I was frustrated at his effort, or lack there of and the Kids and I hired a movie and enjoyed the rest of the night together.

On Thursday we packed our bags and headed to Dad's. We wasted time here and there knowing that Dad wouldn't get home from work until after 5.30pm and I bought myself some wintry clothes from Kmart. Once Dad got home he was excited to give Nevaeh her Tiger's tee. She loved it! Richmond went on to win and it ended up being a really great night.

Friday afternoon Dad took us for a trip up to SkyHigh in Mount Dandenong, the view was stunning.

Saturday we enjoyed some family time shopping and taking the kids to the Train Park in Bayswater. When we got home we played a few games of cricket before settling in with a movie.

On Easter Sunday we we messaged our friends and family as we lay in bed. I spoke to the kids about the significates of Easter and together we chatted about Jesus for what felt like forever. We got up and had breakfast before packing to go home. Dad offered to drive us, I hesitated but he said that it will give him something to do for the day.

The two hour trip home was long. The kids fell asleep as I sung along to the radio and made small talk with Dad about the old houses we crossed and us constantly getting Red traffic lights.

Once back in town Dad stopped so I could buy milk and bread and the kids had woken up now excited by the Easter gifts they knew they had when we returned home.

Dad didn't stay long wanting to get back in time for the footy game on TV that afternoon. We made arrangement to catch up the following weekend as Croydon was playing their first game of the season and he left. As I unpacked our things, the kids hid Easter eggs for each other out the back. All together they had about 8 little eggs and a little lindt bunny, bugs and bees pack. They enjoyed them.

That night I opened my bible and enjoyed a hot chocolate while the kids slept.

The following day being Easter Monday I was eager to get back into my studies. Jie and Nevaeh hung out together playing outside and playing the wii and uno cards. We went out for dinner to a local place we'd never been to that night after a neighbour had recommended it. At the time our favourite place to eat was closed due to relocating and the place recommended had a pretty bad reputation. In nine years I remember going there once and I walked out never intending on returning. But we made a booking and I was absolutely shocked at how beautiful it was. The kids coloured at the table as we waited for our meals. It was art on a plate.

I tweeted and posted a photo on instagram and friends who lived locally were just as surprised as I was. It even captured the eye of a local photographer who is now looking forward to doing some photography for his Flikr (photo sharing) page..

The following day I caught up on the housework and study, helped Kel move furniture into her unit. Later on we went out for dinner with Aunty Kel before she came back to ours  for a movie night.

The day after that we did some Easter shopping and went to visit some friends and family. For those who werent home we left bunnies and flowers at their doors. We shouted Uncle Al (my brother whom I hadn't seen since Christmas) and his partner Bel dinner and ended up staying the night there Wednesday night.

Thursday Nevaeh had a friend from school come over to play and on Friday Matt again picked her up and Jie and I were excited to go to a massive protest in the city (more on this in my next blog post.) before again going to my Dad's for the weekend.

After the Rally in the city we caught the train to Dad's getting in just after 11pm. Dad was half asleep when we got there and Jie and I pretty much crashed straight away. It had been such an exhausting day/night.

Saturday morning was non existent to Jie and I with Dad waking us just after 12pm. We got ready and were soon pit stopping at the TAB to put our bets on, at Cellarbrations for our preferred drinks before arriving at the footy oval at Croydon for the first game of the season.

We didn't stay long but I was wrapped to be able to see my grandfather.

Dad invited a friend back to his house just before half time and we drank, watched footy and the races on TV pretty much the rest of the day.

Saturday night I took Jiedyn to the movies to see Sponge Bob's new movie as I knew Dad had planned to watch Saturday night footy and to be honest I was sick of footy and so was Jie. So we hit the local cinema instead and ordered Pizza for Dad.

Sunday was a slow day. We made our long journey home via train. We met Nevaeh at Aunty Kel's on the way home and spent our last afternoon of the holidays throwing our boomerang around Peppertree Park.

So there you have it! Ever single moment of our Easter School holidays..
Because we were so busy I haven't had a chance to catch up on my favorite blogs, so how was your Easter break?

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