Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Recap

Nevaeh spent this weekend with her Dad so the house has been a little more quieter, a little cleaner and a little less fun. It's weekends like these that make me miss her whirlwind of a personality and crazy character. Nonetheless Friday night was very relaxing which is what Jie and I both needed after such a busy week. We had an early dinner before Aunty Kel come over with loads of goodies to complement out Movie Night. Popcorn, chocolate, jellybeans and raspberry soft drink (which is a luxury in our house) was shared as we watched two movies together. I pulled out a mattress for Aunty Kel and we stayed up chit chatting until a little after midnight. Jie snuggled in with me which was a nice change and we both fell asleep pretty much as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Saturday morning I slept in and Aunty Kel was gone by the time I got up. Jie who had already made himself breakfast was now on his tablet playing Mathletics. I called his teacher after school on Friday to get his log in details and he was looking forward to playing online so I turned the WiFi on so he could enjoy competing with other students around the world.

After making myself a coffee and calling Dad, I went on to practice my touch typing which I have been doing daily and seem to be getting better at. I'm using a free online keyboard tutor called which has 16 free typing lessons. I am up to lesson 6. Slowly but surely I'll get there and hopefully be able to check another goal off my bucket list very soon!

I got another two questions done on my assignment and promised myself time to finish it later. I called up my best friend Sheena who I knew was probably being driven mad by her 3 boys at home and invited them to Maddingley Park. She agreed and within an hour later we were all at the park kicking the soccer ball around and playing on the swings. It was fun getting active with our littlies and was what we both needed.

Saturday night I studied. I studied for hours and went to bed well and truely after midnight.

Sunday morning Jie and I woke at around 11am. I made brunch as we watched Bride Wars. After we finished eating we snuggled up on the mattress left behind by Aunty Kel on Friday night and watched BOY. Jie had been wanting to watch it for sometime but I had been reluctant as it does have swearing and drug use in it. But we watched it and I clarified certain parts of the movie, We enjoyed it.

Last night I messaged my beautiful friend Zo before I called Nevaeh and it was so good to hear her voice. She'll be home after school today and I can't wait for her snuggles. Jie is home sick so a friend is picking Nevaeh up after school. I called again this morning to ask if she was wanting to catch the bus by herself or get picked up. She chose to be picked up so I should be seeing her smiley face at around 3.30pm this afternoon.    

For now though it's back to reality.. Study..

Happy Monday!

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Camille Griffiths said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, despite missing your daughter! I think it's nice to get a little one on one time with each kid though. :)

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