Saturday, 30 May 2015

My First Driving Lesson

I know my kids may one day look for this post so I want to explain a few things first. I was TERRIFIED of being behind the wheel of a car prior to this lesson. Take what you think is terrifying and times it by like.. 1,000,000 !! and that's how petrified I was at just the thought of sitting in the drivers seat. 

Today I conquered my fear and drove I for the first time around Masons Lane Reserve, Bacchus Marsh. A long time friend popped in for a cuppa and some lunch before suggesting I just do it. 

When I finally got into the drivers seat I was hot and flustered and my palms were so sweaty. I didn't even know how to turn a car on let alone trust myself to drive. Penny showed me how to adjust my mirrors, which pedal was which and how to use my indicators before we even left.. 

I was a bit of a Nana at first and refused to reverse. Reversing really scared me. I did it though, very slowly but I did it and was so proud of me.. 

While I was behind the wheel I couldn't believe I was actually driving!

Penny suggested that we go on the road and around to the other side of Masons Lane. I wasn't confident about being on the road but I did it and it was great! 

Here is a little map of where my first little drive took place..

I no longer fear driving and look forward to booking in more driving lessons next week!

Thank you so much Penny..

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Aqilah said...

good luck for you next lessons! and have courage :)

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