Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Making MYKI cards fun for kids!

Introducing Myki Fake ID cards!
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If you have a child or three who travel with a myki card regularly then you've probably gone through the frustration of them losing it, not keeping an eye on the balance and realizing that you need to top it up last minute. I hear ya! My kids drive me insane every morning when I ask them to grab their Myki cards as we're heading out the door with that same old line..

"I cant remember where I put it.."

Makes me want to tear the place apart. It's one of my triggers to scream and shout.. Especially when we've got to be at the bus stop right at that moment in time. So again I find myself buying yet another Myki card until I came up with my own little Myki Card system..

As of last week we are proud owners of 11 Myki cards.
I spent the days prior searching the house for them.
I found 11! 
On each of these myki cards there is a name. 
11 Myki cards - 11 Names 
La La
+ Katie (after princess Kate)

Each morning my Kids take on a new Identity!

 Jie loves using Jackson and while today Nevaeh is using Katie she loves using Sela. 

I have registered each and every Myki card to keep up with the balances.

While registering them last week one of these cards had $7 on it! Bonus..

In the morning while we wait for the bus they create their own imaginary life for the name they hold in their hands. B.J, Sam and J.J are unisex names so they seem to change quite a bit. But Katie is always a princess. 

Not only has this solved them losing their Myki cards but it also makes keeping track of balances online easier. Instead of shuffling through cards and memorizing numbers all I have to do is tell the kid's who their going to be each morning and they take on their new identity without the fuss of wondering if the myki card I'm giving them will have enough money on it for the trip home. 

"Jie your Sam and Nevaeh your La La today!"  

The kids absolutely love it!


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