Monday, 15 April 2013

An award from Renu!!!

Renu and I are fairly new friends. 
We met while networking on a blogging site and quickly became friends.
You can find her blog here..
And she sometimes tweets here..
She is someone extremely amazing to be friend with.
Thanks for this award Renu!

As part of this award I and those nominated must share three things we each love about motherhood.
Me first!

1. Creating ways to have fun with my children. I absolutely love the freedom of making my children happy and joyful in doing little things. Simple things like surprise lunchbox treats, sleeping in their beds on weekends, worshiping with them, kicking the footy or pushing them on the swing out the back. I also love trying new things with them too. This week I'm planning a movie scavenger hunt. Wanna find out more? Stay tuned! It's going to be good!

2. The second thing I love about being a Mum is knowing my children. Just by looking at them I know when their mad, when they're happy, when they're hurt etc. I am so close with my kids and I love the bond we have. It makes parenting so much easier having mutual respect for each other as well as established authority in our home. 

3. Disciplining. I bet you wasn't expecting this. And I bet family members of both of my children reading this will have a lot to say about me writing it. But as a parent it is our duty of care to raise our children to respect authority. When we teach our children to obey us, we're doing everyone who steps into their life a favor too. Without discipline my children would not be the beautiful, well mannered, honest little people they are today. And it is with great pride and purpose that I correct my children to be all they can be. 

So that's it. 

Now I have to nominate 3 peeps.
1. Myranda @ Pretty Living
3... Nicole @ Local Sugar Hawaii

You girls are my lucky three! 

I can't wait to hear about three things you ladies love about being a Mum..
Keep it going..

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