Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter 2013

Hi guys! Just a quick message of Easter wishes from our family to yours. We truly hope that you all enjoy your gifts and know that Jesus loves each of you. Much love from us Bakers! 

 Yesterday was Easter here in Australia. Nevaeh went to her father's the day before to spend her very first Easter away from home. I was both sad and happy for her. Sad because she wouldn't be hearing much about Jesus' love for her but happy that she would be around family who love her.

Jie woke up at 2am in the morning and ate an egg. Then by the time I woke up he had opened every box.

My mission this Easter was to worship with someone we don't always worship with. I sent a few texts to our friends to see where everyone was worshiping before choosing to worship with our beautiful friends at the Living Word Bible Church here in Bacchus Marsh. I actually liked the lay back atmosphere and getting right into the word and breaking down a few verses with the Church folk. It was awesome.

After church Jie and I went to a few friends houses who were spending Easter alone. It was nice to just sit and be a presents in their homes for Easter. I know they appreciated us visiting too.

When we finally got home at 3pm we got right into the cleaning and cooking aspect of Easter. Frantically setting the table, cleaning the dishes and benches, vacuuming the lounge room and halways and cleaning the toilet and sinks ready for my brother and his family to come and share dinner with us.

They never showed.

Nevaeh came home not long after the news that they wouldn't be coming and so our home was filled with joy again. Everything got eaten, the house got trashed with chocolate wrappers and both of the kids had a wonderful Easter together eating Jelly beans (from church) to change the colors of their tongues.

The kids Uncle and Aunty came over with more spoils and stayed for an hour. That was nice.

Our night ended with bible study and prayer.

...and a glass of wine ;)

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AMummys Life said...

Sorry that your brother and his family never showed but so glad you had a joy filled day anyway!

Momma Melly said...

That's unfortunate about some of your family didn't show up. I know how disappointing that is. But, on the bright side, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. :)

Sending you and your family lots of love,

Susanne said...

How weird that your brother never showed up??? Did they tell you why? Sounds like you had an ok Ester anyway.

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