Monday, 8 April 2013

Weet-Bix give you wings..

I want Weet-Bix.
She said.
I want more.
She said.

Nevaeh and Jiedyn both love Weet-Bix. If the they could, they would eat them for every meal. This morning while eating breakfast in her PJ's, Nevaeh left the table with milk and soggy Weet-Bix all over the front of her. I took her top of her before she rushed to get another top.

At the bottom of her drawer she spotted a forgotten about t-shirt with wings on the back she had got for Christmas last year. It started her day with so much fun.. Jumping around like a fairy and skipping to get the mail feeling very pretty. 

I'm not sure if shaking her bottom was part of the fairy act but she does that now too.

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