Saturday, 27 April 2013


Oh my goodness. I am loving Jiedyn at this age. That's not to say I didn't love him during previous ages, but I love being able to connect and communicate with him now that he is older and understands more.

Last night after Nevaeh left to go to her fathers house, Jie and I switched off the TV's and radio's to read scripture and journal together. Jie has his own bible study journal while mine is a blank book I like to write my own thought and feelings into. Sometimes, I don't write at all. I draw my thoughts. I love the release.

Today, Jie and I we're at home with no real plans to get off our butts. Then, looking at his hair which was really long over his ears, I asked him if he wanted a hair cut today. Within a few minutes of asking and him excitedly agreeing we were putting our shoes on to leave the house.

We stopped in a Gorges Fish Shop for lunch before making our way to the hair dresser. Jie chose to get a Mohawk. I think it rather suited him. After his hair cut he convinced me to buy him a new game and then it was off to Blockbuster for a few new videos. I saw a movie I had been wanting to see on the new release shelf so I decided to also get a DVD movie combo too. Lucky for us it came with freebies. Chocolate and Mixed lollies freebies!! We're set.. Enjoying this Mum and son time with Jie. I just love it.

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Lisa Gullion said...

Hi Melissa!
It's Lisa From Hook Yarn and Stinkers. i wanted to invite you to follow my new blog "God Make Me A Godly Woman" here:

I know you are very Spiritually connected and have seen God work in your life and thought you may enjoy my new refreshing blog. It is Christian based. I have just started really trying to give God the time and space in my life that he offers and that I need.

We just gave my son a mohawk too precious are your babies!

~Nicole~ said...

That sounds like a perfect day Mel. It's wonderful that you can spend special time with Jie. Love you guys, hope to see you again soon

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