Monday, 8 April 2013

A new do..

Who doesn't love a new do? 
Today while sitting on the couch watching Jie play the Wii I asked Nevaeh if I could play with her hair. She has always been funny about her hair, never wanting it touched or brushed and most who know me know I hardly even put it up. Her curls are beautiful as they are and I like to show them off.

But today Nevaeh let me play with her hair. I brushed it, made it fluffy, squirted it, made it straight (or as straight as I could) before remembering a hair style from my Deb. 

I had always liked it, and it looked amazing on, so today I decided to give it a go. 

This is how it turned out..
I think it suits her..
Dont you?

I love this sweet girl to pieces. 
I guess you never really understand how much love and beauty a girl can bring into your world until she is right there in front of you and yours to keep..
So precious to process.

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singlemumof1 said...

I remember when that hair-do was popular. I could never get it to work on my hair, but it looks like you nailed it pretty well. Your daughter is gorgeous, she looks a lot like you. :)

Jean Marie said...

So cute! I have curly hair, and any hairstyles for me as a child were curly, brushed-out wavy mess, or ponytail. So, I think it's really sweet you gave her a fun hairstyle that suits her :) She looks so happy.

Ida said...

Cutie pie!

Renu said...

Hi Melissa... Just nominated you for Beautiful Mama Blog Award. Have a look here

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