Thursday, 25 April 2013

Be{four} Her Big Day..

Tomorrow Nevaeh is turning Four.
Jie will be at school and before he comes home Nevaeh will be off to spend the weekend with her Daddy. I wanted him to be a part of the celebrations of her four years in our lives that I decided to bake and decorate all day to give her the birthday she so deserves. 
Both the kids helped with making the mini cupcakes and soon were sticky enough to jump in the bath, leaving me able to decorate the table and put some streamers up in the lounge room.
The plan worked perfectly, they didn't suspect a thing!!
Here are some of the best photo's taken tonight.. 
The kids blowing party blowers while waiting for our Pizza to cook.

Nevaeh taking a peek at her new pop-out fairy book.

Cupcakes well done by me.. {Not bad for my first time}

A quick snap while she was up.

My sweets behind the sweets..

He is such a good big brother to her..

A classy pizza pose!

It's her party and she'll blow if she wants to..

Nevaeh's favorite book is Koala Lou. 
In the book his Mum always says
"Koala Lou, I do love you!"
and so I always say
"Nevaeh Noo, I do love you!"

The kids finished the night with lollipops..

As sweet as sugar!

3 replied:

KellyLovesCali said...

Mel... that is a beautiful party!! And you said you weren't having one, you trickster...

Anonymous said...

Love the last one Az

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Oh my goodness. She is just too cute! Happy Bday little one!!! Adorable!

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