Sunday, 31 March 2013

Another heart to Jesus.

My son Jiedyn, aged 7.
Asked Jesus into his heart.
Enjoy Church (West campus)
Because he felt that he was ready.
Jiedyn and I were worshiping for the first time together at Enjoy.
While in the middle of worship Jie tugged on my shirt.
"I want Jesus to live in my heart Mum" He whispered into my ear.
"Really?" I said excited.
"I'm going to ask him" He replied back to me.
We sat down and I listened as Jie asked the Lord to come and live in his heart forever.
Tears of pure love filled my eyes..
It was the most amazing feeling of Joy and happiness I have ever experienced.
A few days later I gave him this..
I now share my son with the Lord!
And he too will always have a father..

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