Monday, 18 March 2013

First Anniversary Paper Gift Ideas

Tickets - Any tickets, anything you can do together.
Magazine Subscription - A magazine he/she likes a lot.
A Brochure - Of a place, cruise or restaurant your planning to take them.
A Love Note - Something written from your heart to theirs.
Newspaper Feature - Half a page or a whole page is quite cute. 
Money - Paper money?
A Puzzle - Of a photo of the two of you. 
A scroll - With a message or poem.
Photo book - You can make them online and have them delivered to him/her.
A scrap book - Something you have put a lot of effort in.
A Movie - First class.
A Paining - Of you or done by you.
Paper Flowers - So pretty.
Lunch - Packed in paper or eaten out of a paper. 
Package - Of all their favorite things.
A piece of Music - Blown up and framed.
Calender - Personalized with photos of the two of you for each month.
Book - An old favorite or a new book.
Coasters - Something you both can live with.
Stationary - Personalized notebook with family name or initials.
Map - Marked with places been and seen together or for planning future trips.
Message in a bottle - Sweet messages are always a winner.

Because Matt and I have struggled through our first year of marriage I chose to buy Journals. 
One for each of us.
What I'd like us to do is to write all of our thoughts and inner feelings in them.
Then, when Matthew picks up Nevaeh every second Friday we swap.
He gets my thoughts and I get his.
These are only ours. 
Hopefully this will strengthen our marriage.
That one day, we can open these books to see where we used to be.
And know that we fought to keep our marriage together.

I hope you too find the perfect gift for your lover <3
Have a wonderful 1st!

3 replied:

Nuru Nyambura Ngugi said...

Great ideas. Hope the journals go a long way in straightening things out.

Momma Melly said...

You're so creative! :) Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us! :)

I'd also like to thank you for the gift on Bloggy Moms.

Please feel free to stop by my blog and follow me back. I love making new blogger buddies.

Can't wait to read more of your posts.

Kristin @Dizzy Busy and Hungry said...

Those are fantastic ideas. Happy anniversary! I have been married for 18 years now. It went quickly! We don't always like each other, but we always love each other (even if it is more of a decision than a feeling). Sending good wishes to you and your husband!

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