Saturday, 30 March 2013

10 little things..

Yesterday the kids and I spent the afternoon in the city. For us small town country folk, the fast paced city is all very new and unfamiliar. Apart from me getting lost looking for a Mc Donalds, the kids did 10 little things that taught me so very much about them both.

    1As we went past the MCG and 'Tigerland', without any hesitation or thought, the kids just belted out the Richmond theme song. It has sort of become a tradition for our family to do that on our way home from Dad's (Pop's) regardless of how many people are in the train carriage or few.
    2Nevaeh responds better to 'You must obey Mummy' or 'You must listen to Mummy' then counting down for a switch or demanding for her to do something.
    3Jiedyn likes attention. I have always known this within our home but today validated it all the more when he loved people's reactions to his hoodie.
    4Nevaeh greets strangers way too much. Living is a small town this is not a very big deal, but in the city - scary.
    5My kids do not judge. Today we saw many people. People with missing teeth, people with disabilities, a man with piercings, three girls extremely dressed up, men in suits, girls completely tattooed, ladies in saris etc. Yes, the kids stared, took a second look and asked why but overall they accepted the diverse culture on Melbourne. Instead of finding it strange they thought it was 'cool'.
    6Jie pointed out a line of Taxi's at a taxi rank. Amazed he couldn't wait to show me. Here in our town there is only ever one or two taxi's around the area at one time. The taxi wait here in Bacchus Marsh ranges anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and a half so you can understand why my son was gob smacked at a whole lot of taxi's.
    7The kids are way too trusting. Seeing a piece of plastic on the ground Nevaeh picks it up. I tell her it's yuck and to throw it away. Around 10 minutes later Jie picks up a lolly wrapper. I ask what he's doing and he tells me that he saw a bin up ahead and that he had intentions of throwing it out. It became a good lesson in the difference between the city and home.
    8Here in our home we do most things as a family. We walk together as a family, we eat together, sing together, dance together, read together and we're always together. Today in the city I noticed both of my kids looking for opportunities to become individuals. Jie walked ahead and had to be reminded to walk with us. Nevaeh ran off to chase a few birds by herself. It was a rare look at them both.
    9Nevaeh is watching. Everything Jie said and did today Nevaeh either had to copy him or go one further. If Jie skipped, she skipped. If Jie jumped, Nevaeh jumped. If Jie fell asleep on the bus with his neck in an awkward position, Nevaeh would have a go too. She really does look up to her big brother these days.
    10Nevaeh knows where she lives. As the bus drove towards the main street today Nevaeh knew where she was. "We're home Mama" she said as she looked at her familiar town through the bus window. She was right. This is home.

    Not only did I learn a lot about my children, I learnt a whole heap about how much I have changed in my 7 years as a mother. The city never used to make me nervous or frightened before I had children. Living on the streets as a teen I never felt scared, it used to feel safe and familiar. Now it's not something I could do every day. Today was nice hanging out with my children but it made me see how blessed we have it in a community of familiar faces where my kids can run ahead of me and I not need to worry. I am settled. The city is far from familiar now.

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    AMummys Life said...

    It sounds like you are raising great children who will become awesome adults!

    Danie' russell said...

    Great post, it's amazing what a trip out can do.

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