Thursday, 14 March 2013

Our Family Holiday 2013

Day 1

  • Drove to Bairnsdale for supplies
  • Stopped in at Lakes Entrance for Bait
  • Arrived at Pettmans Beach just after 2pm
  • Jie helped me set up the tent by hammering in the pegs
  • Nevaeh Jie and I all took turns pumping up the air bed mattress
  • The Kids helped Pop bait the rods

  • Nevaeh caught her first fish by putting the rod between her legs and reeling it in as fast as she could
  • Nevaeh caught a baby brim at Trident Arm
  • The kept busy finding shells 
  • Jie caught 2 more baby brim before dinner

  •  The sunset was extraordinary and definately a highlight of the trip
  • Jie drove the car back to camp
  • Nevaeh sat in my lap in the front seat as Jie drove
  • Dinner was canned spaghetti as Dad and I couldn't work out the gas stove
  • I read from Jie's bible before the kids called it a night

Day 2

  • Wheetbix for Breakfast before jumping in the car
  • Jie and I spied a beautiful black wallaby in the bush
  • We drove past the legendary Snowy River
  • We drove to Mallacoota 
  • The beach was spectacular but unfortunately I left my camera in the car
  • Nevaeh chased baby fish in the sandy rock pools
  • Jiedyn and Pop went for a walk up the beach and found stunning shells, a baby crab and a few sea snails
  • Nevaeh and I swam in the shallows and built sand castles
  • We then drove to Gypsie Point eating icy poles the whole way
  • We returned back to camp
  • Worked out how to use the portable stove and cooked up snags for dinner
  • We then went surf fishing at the beach
  • Within minutes of casting in we caught beautiful sized salmon
  • Nevaeh caught herself a salmon too
  • Pop caught four salmon
  • I caught 2 salmon and 2 crabs (which seemed to be Dad's highlight of the trip)
  • We got back to camp after dark, had some munchies and went to bed.

 3rd and final day..

  • Pop had already packed most of the camp up before we got up
  • Back in the car we drove out to Lake tires then to the lovely Lakes Entrance

  • We also drove out to Metung
  • Drove alongside the Tambo River
  • Got fish and chips in Painsville 
  • Caught the kids first ferry over to Raymond Island 
  • Spotted 3 koalas in gum trees on the way to a remote beach/jetty
  • Ate fish and chips on the bonnet of the car before having a swim
  • I even did handstands in the water
  • We got home after 8pm, I showered the kids and put them to bed
  • Dad and I stayed up watching The Hunger Games and Abduction

I never actually got time to relax, but if I got anything out of this trip, it was that the beauty of this God created country is absolutely and completely stupendous!  

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Susan Evans said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing all your pictures. What a wonderful time with your family! :)

~Nicole~ said...

What gorgeous pics Mel. I have so many favourites... the sunset, Jie sitting on the beach, little Vaeh with her hands on her hips lol Looks so amazing. Thanks for sharing your memories with us xxoo

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