Monday, 2 February 2015

Goodbye January..

January 26th
January 8th

January 22nd
January 31st
January 24th

January 25th
January 2nd

January 21st

Whoa! What an amazing month! and thanks to a little insta-app on my phone (which crashed several times this month) I got to share with you all my favorite bits right as they were happening!

I still cannot believe January has come and gone so quick. One minute I'm screaming "Happy New Year" with new friends and the next minute I'm staring blankly at my phone which is telling me that it's Feb 1st!

A lot has happened this month naturally being that the kids were still on their summer break. Water fights, late movie nights, slumbering in the lounge, trips to see and hang out with friends and family, reading together, gifts, visitors, junk food, lunch dates, sleep ins, shopping, laser tag, tree climbing, car washing.. the list goes on..

The kids highlights have been their brand new bank books, and going back to school! (the start today) Nevaeh has loved spending time with her Daddy and getting pocket money and Jie is over the moon about starting little athletics and saving.

But not everything this month has been so fun and exciting. There was a family heath scare with my grandfather falling ill and quite honestly I have never seen my Dad so low. Thank goodness our prayers were heard and my Pop is making a great recovery. It;s made me realize how uch I'd love him to be in our lives but that is just not going to happen apparently. Hopefully when footy season starts back up we can see more of Pop and enjoy life with him. In the meantime it's great to know that Dad has a fall back and rang me for support. It's strengthened our relationship and has made us closer.

So as I write this the kids are all set for school, are saving with their new dollar-mites accounts and are looking forward to a brand new school year with little athletics on the weekends! Life is grand..

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