Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Song Requests!

When was the last time you rang your local or state radio station to request a song? 89.9 Light FM is our families favorite radio station and we tune in daily. Because we don't have TV we rely on Light FM for news and entertainment. We love listening to Cam & Ruthie and loved Goshia and Kel in the mornings with Lucy being our least favorite and definitely the most irritating host. But Jimi Love is our favorite hands down! Jimi does song requests most weekdays after 7pm and quite often I allow the kids the opportunity to stay up a little later to request and hear their favorite songs. Here are are few of the songs we have requested over the past few months..

And Nevaeh just can't stop requesting "Cool Kids" and "Waves"

If you could request a song as of right now what would you want to hear?

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Fr√łken Frida said...

Lovely - Happy Valentines Day!

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