Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Kind of Day - Motherhood

Sunday's have turned into my favorite days of the week..  
No early morning alarms..
No rush to be anywhere..
No unexpected bills or appointments..
Just time spent with my sweet babes at home..
Don't get me wrong, our life in general is no hustle or bustle..
But Sundays have a certain chilled vibe to them..

Today, although it was hot here, we enjoyed each others company..
Sitting, chatting, playing connect 4..
It was nice..

The kids later had cool bubbly baths and stayed in until they were all wrinkled up..
Nevaeh had the first one about mid-morning and played with her animal toys..
Jie had one after lunch wearing his goggles and playing soldiers..
I got to watch an old video I hadn't seen in years - Con Air..
Then it was time to prep dinner..

Nevaeh helped with getting everything that we needed for our roast tonight..
It's turning into a tradition to have a roast together on Sundays..
After peeling the sweet potato and pumpkin Nevaeh helped me feed the worms..
She loves this job and is forever admiring the babies..

While the roast was cooking the kids when outside to play a game..
Do you remember playing "Hotter or Colder" as a child?
We Hid a teddy in the backyard and took turns finding him only using the words Hotter, Colder, Freezing and boiling..
After getting the hang of it the kids had a ball..
We also played a phonics game..
With Nevaeh learning letter sounds at school I thought Jie and I could encourage her..
Jie enjoyed it just as much as she did before they went on to play connect 4.

I dished dinner out and Nevaeh almost cleaned her plate..
Jie ate more than last week and even had a go at his beans and peas..
It's amazing what kids will do for an icy pole..

Before bed I read Nevaeh a story she has been longing to hear before tucking them both in..
I then started preparing for school lunch box snacks..
I baked Banana Muffins and froze fruit sticks for them this week..
 Baking has also become a bit of a Sunday tradition around here..

After the dishes were done, the benches were wiped I finally got to have my first shower of the day..
It was amazingly refreshing and much needed after sweating my cheeks off all day..

Tonight I watched a movie with my besty while drinking freshly squeezed apple and pineapple juice left over from the fruit salad for the kids. 
With wet hair and the fan on my face it was pure bliss..

No stress, no worries and not a care in the world..
I love being a Mum especially on Sundays!

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