Friday, 24 May 2013

Flashback Friday: First Words

Oh, I have been digging through Jiedyn's baby book this week and found something pretty perfect for this weeks meme. Who remembers their child's first pronunciation of words? I definitely do! But first, let me tell you about his first word.Somewhere between 3-6 months, Jiedyn said his first word. "Yeah". I guess you never really notice how much you say a word until your beautiful baby comes out with it. "Yeah-yeah-yeah". If you think about it, when you speak on the phone you say yeah, agreeing with the person on the other end. While down the street I'd always say yeah. While talking to neighbors or people doting on Jie down the street "Yeah" was always my word of choice. I also used it to agree with myself when I would speak to Jie. "He's a clever boy.. yeah!" or "Your going to have a bath soon.. yeah!" I still say it a lot but I never quite realized until he said it as his first word. Then it was "Da". "Da-da-da-da-da......"

Other word developed, Mama was in there somewhere and when he said it I melted. There is something special about heaing who you are to your child for the first time. I'll never forget that proud feeling.

As for pronunciation, Jiedyn had it all wrong.. (get ready for a laugh). At two Jie said these..

Fuck - For truck.
Fucker - For tractor.
Pee's - For please.
Up Key - For cuppa tea.
Tuggle - tunnel.
Fing - For swing.
Dickie - For Bickie.
and Die-Dan for Jiedyn.

Jie loved Dropped Dead Fred, he used to always say "Oh.. yulk!"
Dad taught him how to say "Der 'e is" {for there he is} and "sausages" {for sorry}.
He used to go to run away when we were out but turn around and say "Bye-bye" first.
And Uh-uh.. was taught early on, by Aunty Kristal for telling everyone off.
And boy did he master that!..

So many special memories about my precious baby boy. Now seven he is spelling these words he once said for the very first time. I cannot wait for him to one day read this post. Maybe we can have a laugh at it together.

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Carolee Crafts said...

Your post made me laugh, do not have first hand myself as never hand children but very funny

AMummys Life said...

Awwww Monkey's first word was "mama". Monster's was "Dada" lol.

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