Saturday, 15 March 2014

Twice in 24 hours!!

On Thursday I signed up to be a lightFM partner. As a family, the kids and I are now contributing to our favorite radio station which we listen to daily.

Our radio sits on top of our microwave in the kitchen and is on in the mornings before the kids go to school. When they return from Kindergarten and school it's still on. 89.9 Light FM is part of our family. The kids know so many songs word for word now and love the scripture segment (words to live by).

When the kids go to bed and there is cleaning to do, I like to listen to Focus on the family and A different perspective.

Sitting at the table for dinner on Thursday night we all chatted about what we love about our fave radio station and concluded with signing up to become part of the light FM family.

Last night (Friday Night) Jimi Love was doing what he does best asking people to call in with song requests. As part of his segment he asked people to call in and request a song that they know off by heart but that they don't hear often on the radio. I sent a text message to request a song that has had a massive impact on my life.

This was the message I sent:

That one song I know all the words to and could listen to over and over would be Horses by Daryl Braithwaite! (: Melissa of Bacchus Marsh.

Within minutes my phone was ringing. I answered it and it was Jimi Love!!!! He said. "Hi is this Melissa?" and I said "OMG yes it is Jimi!" He asked if I wanted to go on air to request my song and I excitedly accepted. He then counted me in and asked what song I knew all the words to and what this song meant to me. During my time on air I think I said awesome around 3 or 4 times and couldn't stop smiling!! 

If you want to know why I requested this beautiful song, come back to my blog tomorrow and I'll blurt it to the world!! Or at least my amazing followers and kids who will one day read these posts!!

Today Light FM have a family fun day in Mitchem for everyone who signed up to partner with them this week. I couldn't be there so sent another message to let them know I couldn't make it and to request this song which I have fallen in love with since first hearing it on their radio station.

Of course within minutes they played it..

My favorite song!

I absolutely love Light FM

Always encouraging and uplifting.. 

And now we're a part of that!

Whoop Whoop..

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