Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November Recap including Pics!

This month we have been..

Growing our own veggies.


Enjoyed a play date..

Remembered our beautiful Nana in heaven..

Enjoyed Melbourne Cup..


Played the Wii with friends..

Enjoyed the Sunshine..

Jie went on his first Camp..

Spent time at our favorite cafe (The Loot) in Bacchus Marsh..

Read some good books..

Had my niece stay with us..

Went to the Eureka Tower..

All the way to the 66th floor..

And looked over Melbourne..

We made our own breakfast..

Earned points for our house at the Jnr Sports Carnival..

Went to Warragul to visit our three favorite people..

Loved every moment..

Shared a whinge and a wine..

Jie caught a lovely Bream while on a fishing trip with his Pop..

We went to Robin Hood..

We splashed..
And admired Aunty Zoe's Belly..

Watched movies till all hours (including Bridesmaids and The life of Pi)

Cooked some healthy meals..

And tonight we played cards before bed..

All these photos and more can be found on my Instagram by 
clicking here.. Life is just bliss at the moment. Currently finalizing our Family advent Calander for December 2014 so stay tuned! Lots more family fun to come..

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