Sunday, 21 June 2015

Who you are to me..

To the most wonderful, caring, amazingly smart go-getter girl I know,

Your bright bubbly personality today is far from who you were when I first met you. I honestly can't believe you're where you are today. When I first met you were cautious, unsure, quiet and very reserved.. but now look at you.. Outgoing, confident and full of fun! You are my go-to girl, the friend I turn to for advice, support and guidance. In the hardest parts of my life you have kept me accountable and you always give me your honest opinion even when it's hard. I admire you for that.

This year you moved to Melbourne, something I didn't think you'd ever do. In moving here you have motivated me so much and have created a little life for yourself. Your in your own little unit, you have made amazing friends, stuck to your job even when things have been tough and are juggling full time study too. At times it may not feel like anyone notices but I notice, I see what you do and am so so proud of you!

I also see how much you miss your family. Family is something that is a big part of who you are and also something you deal with so well. The love you have for them shines if the way you speak of them and is in the little way you go about your every day. They too are a part of who you are today and I see that more now then I did back when we lived together in Brisbane.

Kel, you are beautiful, loved and so highly respected by me. I look up to you so much and you're more of a sister then my sister has ever been to me. You've always been here for me, encouraging me, believing in me and leading the way. Without you in my life I don't know who I would have leaned on to be the person you are in my world me today. 

I am so thankful for your presence in my life..
Thank you..
I love you..

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