Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A List of Loves: January

Last month was full of so much love.. 
Here are a few of our favorites..
  • Really bonding as a family unit over the school holidays.
  • Spending time with Uncle Al and Bel.
  • Spending time with so many of our friends over the last few weeks.
  • Gifts of new desks, lamps and a brand new TV from our beautiful neighbor.
  • A clean house (if only for a day).
  • No washing in the washing basket.
  • Time at the Pool.
  • My new slow cooker.
  • Brand new linen and freshly made beds.
  • A new hair cut.
  • Kids in my bed.
  • Kids in their beds.
  • An extension on my course.
  • An appointment with the surgeon.
  • Tooth fairy visits.
  • Baking.
  • Snugly cuddles.
  • Bible Study.
  • A new church.
  • A fantastic holiday.
  • Netflix
  • Tennis
  • Kids loving and thriving at school.
  • Routine and structure back in our home.
  • Long chats with old friends.
  • Payed off my course.
  • Long chats with new friends.
  • Flowers in my hair.
  • Late nights.
  • Sleep ins.
  • Wotif.
  • Talking to my nieces.
  • Being in front with all my bills. (Every single one)
  • New summery clothes.
  • New thongs. (flip flops).
  • A new pot set.
  • Learning about new cultures and religions. 
  • Time with family.
  • Cooking on our new BBQ.
  • New uniforms.
  • Summery Days.
  • New Goals.
  • Family meetings.
  • Coles delivering our Shopping.
  • Celebrating the life of Shay. (Sweet 16th).
  • Camping in the backyard.
  • Crumpets.
  • Fruit Salad.
  • Piggy Tails.
  • Beautiful beach sunset.

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