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My Lovely Blog Nominees 2016

I am so excited to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by a little someone who said amazing things about my blog here last week. Felecia, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. And thanks for following and being a faithful reader for as long as you have. I'd love to get to know you more so please tweet me anytime. (And that goes for anyone else wanting to get to know me or who is just down to chat! Tweet me!)
So first things first, I need to nominate 5 blogs I enjoy reading.. I am a pretty faithful follower to my favorite blogs so here they are:

Katherine: I have been following my friend Katherine for as long as I have been blogging. We live states away and have only seen each other once in 10 years but I absolutely love keeping in touch with her and watching her family grow and thrive. Her posts are always inspiring and I love and look up to her so much. You can find her blog here.. 

Mary: I have been following Mary for a while now and love her new and improved blog. I love seeing the world through her eyes and again feel so inspired by her posts. She is a traveler, adventurer which is not something I can do while I raise these kids. But I like that I can go to her blog to dream.. Her blog can be found here..

Michelle: I often find myself on Michelle's blog for one post but find that an hour later I'm still there. Michelle takes so many beautiful photos and the photos on her blog dont just have you looking at one particular thing, they make you get lost in their raw and richness. See for yourself here..

Eric and Courtney: I have been following this blog for a fair while now and absolutely love how picture perfect their life is. Something you need to see to believe.. Follow this link there..

Camille: A name I now have a face for. I remember a few years ago following Camille and her beautiful daughters journey. Since then they have extended their family and I find that I envy her posts just as much as I did back then. The love these parents have for their kids is unreal and can be identifies in each and every post. I love that she is a consistent blogger and that no matter when I click into her blog, there is always something new to read. (This inspires me to want to blog more). Check out Camille's blog by clicking here..

If I have nominated you and you want to join in then here are the rules
# You must thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.
# You must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
#  Tell us 7 facts about yourself
# Then nominate at least 5 people and let them know by commenting on their blog!

Which now brings me to my 7 facts..

  1. At the moment I feel like a failed blogger. It was so nice hearing what Felicia said about my blog here but I didn't feel worthy for this award. I remember getting frustrated at friends with 3 or more children not blogging enough and now feel guilty because now that I am raising 6 on my own, my love for blogging has become secondary to the things I not so love such as studying, budgeting, cleaning and more cleaning. I hope to seriously blog more. Even if it means I have to Instagram less, I will. I miss it.
  2. I am realizing how independent I actually am. The more people that rely on me for their own stability the more I see myself being their rock. At times I feel like the whole world is on my shoulders and feel like I although my friends and family are right there, I have no one who truly understands me. No one who is capable of being my rock. 
  3. I love my sleep. Any chance I get to sneak a few hours in, I will.
  4. Chocolate coated peanuts, Savoys and Dry Ginger Ale are my comfort foods.
  5. I like the idea of sharing my life with someone again but wont willingly put myself or my kids through another failed relationship. I have enough baggage with two exes let alone the stress of another. So while everyone is moving on with new partners, I am here like.. "Jie, grab me a box of Savoys!"
  6. I hardly cook. And I hate it, but at least 4 out of 7 nights I order take away just because it's easier than cooking. My night routine is so hectic. I find although its such a waste of money, it saves time. I am trying to cook more though. Hopefully our new meal plans which I have incorperated into our weekly family meeting will help with this one.
  7. Combing the kids hair for head louse is such a therapeutic thing for me. I find myself treating the kids hair every other weekend. During this time I have the opportunity to sit and chat with them one on one and have the satisfaction of knowing that they wont be scratching afterwards. It's become something I enjoy doing and while I know I'm losing an endless war.. I get excited when I comb out heaps.. 
So there you have it! 

I'm now on my way to let you lovely blog nominees know you have been nominated..

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katherine said...

Thanks Mel,
I know there would be tons of people reading and following you without commenting too. You have blessed many with your positive and honest life and blog! Just love you. Sorry I don't get reading blogs a whole lot but really miss it xx

Michelle said...

Thank you so much!

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