Friday, 1 July 2016

Winter School Holidays 2016

To kick off the first week of the Winter School Holidays this year I took the kids into the city for some snow fun!

Before starting our family funday we grabbed a bite to eat at Hungry Jacks in Southern Cross. As we sat there eating I was sitting at a window seat looking down at the hustle and bustle of the city when I noticed a lady sitting on a milk crate. She stood out because she was the only one not moving. Sipping her hot coffee in the cold she held a sign with a cup in front of her asking for some change to get her by. I sat there eating my lunch fasinated with her and the people smartly dressed walking past her as if she was invisible. Some stopped to read her sign, some gave her a quick look but every single person in that hour period walked straight passed her with not so much as a coin in her cup. Heartbroken I called the kids over to show them how hard it is for some people and together we agreed to buy her some flowers and give her the change I had in my purse. Jeanette wanted to give her all of her pocket money but I refused explaining to her that we dont exactly know what she will spend her money on so it's best to just give a little which will mean a lot. She understood. We left and bought flowers and when giving them to her she was absolutely so excited. She said we made her day and made her feel really special. The kids hugged her and as we walked away, Jeanette and Janai said that they felt good doing something good for her, that we should have recored it. I explained that sometimes its just nice to give. Just because. They loved it and felt the need to give more. It made me so proud.  

Snow Play at Harbour Town, Docklands

Eureka Skydeck Ice Slide, Southbank 

River Rink, Federation Square 

Our day in the city came to an end after we had Mc Donalds for dinner at Flinders Street. We went looking for Mum, the kids grandmother whom lives on the street somewhere in Melbourne but because the Community Kitchen wasn't operating that night we didn't see her. Overall our day was busy but fun.. We got home late and the kids were so worn out that they all fell asleep soon after hitting their pillows. It was nice to actually wear them out for once.

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