Friday, 30 September 2016

Op Shop Dinner

So, for a little bit of school holiday fun I decided it would be fun if we all drew each others names out of a hat and dressed each other up using things we found at the op shop. 

It went exactly to plan and after a few tears and two tantrums we looked like complete idiots as we headed up to the Golf Course last night for dinner..

Before getting dressed up

Ready to go!

Justine dressed by Aunty Melissa.. Rocked a cow boy shirt, a magicians cape and sparkly black pants.
Total $6

Justine drew out Hiram and dressed her brother as a grandpa right down to his slippers.
Total: $12

Janai was dressed in a bright yellow dress, black leather-like pants, white platforms, pink hair plus matching accessories by Jeanette.

Janai chose to dress Jie like a 5 year old.
Total: $2.50
Hiram dressed Jeanette in mix-match and a dress and heels which she felt way uncomfortable in.
Total: $17
Jiedyn had the hard task of dressing his fussy sister. She reluctantly wore a Bart Simpson top and green jeans.
Total: $3.50
And then there was Me. My lovely daughter dressed me in a pair of stained black leggings, a bright orange shirt (2 sizes too small for me) and a bright red silk night robe. At one point I was like "what have I gotten myself into?".
Total: $12

Ready to go..

Cheesy garlic bread to set the tone..


Dinner was perfect

and so was desert.
And ice cream for the littlies. A luxury.

The night was such a laugh and luckily no-one we actlaully knew was dinning there. Just a lot of really well dressed well mannered peeps and us.. LOL

I recall Jeanette not wanting to take Justine to the toilet because she felt way over dressed and didnt want to leave the table. Janai didn't bring her bright pink hair and Hiram hid half of his outfit under the table and nearly left it there as we were leaving. But it was Nevaeh whom I was really impressed with. She had a melt down not wanting to wear a Bart Simpson top (because his nipples were showing) but she actually rocked her jeans. Maybe we'll be seeing her in more jeans from now on... 

It was a fun and memorable night.
I look forward to looking back at these pics in the years to come.

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