Wednesday, 3 May 2017

You Missed This: Nevaehs Birthday

On the 26th of April we celebrated every little thing about Nevaeh.

I gave her the day off and ventured out that morning into our community to meet some local horses. 

The night before I posted this post onto the Bacchus Marsh Residents Page and got a huge response. 

Hi guys 👋🏾 My daughter is turning 8 tomorrow and I was wanting to get her up close and personal with a horse 🐴 She has never been around horses so I was hoping to surprise her. If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone with a horse she can just pat, maybe brush and feed an Apple 🍎 or two tomorrow morning before 12pm if really love to surprise her. Thank-you! — feeling hopeful.

One beautiful lady came forward and allowed us to visit her farm that morning to meet, feed and brush her horse Jaxon!

She loved Jazons tricks and how he showed off for her and has asked since to go back and see him. But after meeting Jaxon we went to another farm this time with a horse and chickens. Nevaeh enjoyed feeding the chickens and finding an egg which she got to take home. 

From my Facebook post Nevaeh was also offered to ride a horse by a very generous community member which we had to politely decline due to miserable weather. 

So after a busy morning Nevaeh met up with her father at a park for a few moments. 

She hadn't seen him in months so it was a nice surprise for her to know he was in town on her birthday. 

And the celebrations didn't stop there..

We went birthday shopping where Nevaeh spent her birthday money $120 in a few of her favourite shops with her favourite buy of the day being a fluffy diary from Smiggle. 

From memory she also bought a horse and stable set, a big box of dinosaurs, a new book from the discount book store, a milkshake, a bouncy ball, a photo Props set and a new fluffy puppy toy! 

From there we picked the kids up from school and went to Meaghan's after chores were done. Nevaeh played with her friends before we met more friends at Mc Donald's for Dinner and ice cream cake!! 

Her birthday gifts included kids body and bath set, a diy bracelet set, a bottle of perfume and $20 of her Dad! 

I think it's safe to say that I nailed it this year! I was quite proud of me!

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