Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hirams 10th Birthday

Turning 10 is a pretty big deal around here so I knew I'd have to give my one and only nephew a birthday to remember. 

Hiram is a bright and beautiful boy whom has the potential to do whatever it is in his heart to do with his life. At this age though, as of right now, Hiram dreams of becoming an NBA player. 

Hiram has found his passion playing basketball for two teams and he really is a natural.

But back to his birthday! On his actual birthday he woke up, received his gifts and lots of happy birthdays! 

This year he received everything he asked for and some! Nike Hustles (new basketball shoes), Fidget Spinners, the pie face game, basketball skins, 2k17 NBA Xbox 360 game and.. wait for it.. x2 tickets to Jacob Sartorious one and only concert in Melbourne.

"Best Aunty in the Galaxy!" - Hiram at 7.45am

But that's not all. He was surprised when on the night of the concert a stretch limo showed up to pick him up!! 

This boy had the absolute night of his life and went to the concert in style.

Happy 10th Birthday Hiram! You deserved everything that made your day great! Keep thriving towards a bigger brighter future mate. I love you loads.

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