Monday, 1 January 2018


Thankfully yesterday was the end of a really rough year for me. I endured more heartbreak last year than all 29 years on this earth. But with that 2017 also showed me who my true friends are, who deserves my time and who I can really rely on in times of need. 2017 had me laughing and crying constantly. It had me questioning everything and hoping and praying and leaning on God for wisdom. We celebrated a 10th birthday in style, two grand finalists, three great getaways, countless nights out, two graduations, one MVP award, one principal award, a new car, a puppy, connecting with culture, new friends, a brand new church building and a very merry Christmas. We worshipped together, ate together, laughed together, swam together, cooked together, watched movies together, cried together, stood together, worked together and stayed together.

This year I hope we can do all that and more because this year I'm believing for more. I'm asking God to bless us in more ways than one. 

This year we are going to be asking the lord for an extension on our home, a perfect 16th for my eldest niece, a smooth transition into school and high school for my middle and youngest niece, help with organising many community projects this year, two 13th birthday party's an enrolment into uni and quite possibly a good job opportunity. I also hope that at this time next year we still have the health and happiness we have now. That we are still together and moving forward as a family.

What are your hopes and dreams for this brand new year?

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