Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Easter 2018 🐣

Easter this year was pretty chill. The kids woke up early to find eggs around the lounge room, new PJs and dressing gowns, a cake in a mug for the older three kids and a hot chocoholic mug for the younger three. They got a carton of Humpty Dumpty Eggs, A big Caldbury egg and a Lindt bunny each! 

On the days leading up to Easter we looked at why we celebrate and talked about the significance of Jesus. We watched the brutality of what happened to Him and celebrated with our Church on Easter Sunday! We did communion and Jie regave his heart to The Lord. 

After church we took to the streets and gave bags of Easter Eggs to some kids hanging out at the Melton skate park, the Bacchus Marsh skate park and a few other places around our community! 

With the left over bags we dropped into a friends place to spread some joy there also. 

All in all, the kids had a great Easter 2018, check out this pic taken before church!!

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