Friday, 13 December 2013

December 12 & 13..

Christmas Advent Activity Day 12 & 13.
Cozy up and read Christmas books before bed {plus} Eat a Gingerbread man game!

Yesterday was such a massive day. Doctors, blood tests, shopping, Jie's school finishing early, mowing the lawns, preparing for Nevaehs break up party/graduation then babysitting 'til late had my head pounding from 5pm onward. The kids were so tired after such a bg big Thursday night that we almost threw the books (I'd bought from the op shop earlier in the day) in the bookshelf just to sleep. But we didn't. We cozied up with our tired and worn out bodies all snug under my doona and read Peter Spier's Christmas and A Bear For Christmas. Then we all fell sound asleep..

Tonight was our 'Eat a Gingerbread man game' night! Uncle Anthony and Aunty Jane were meant to come over but Aunty Jane called us to let us know that they wouldn't be able to make it as she wasn't feeling well at all. We prayed for her together before playing a game of picturika! I was actually impressed by Nevaeh tonight who scored the same amount of cards as me at the end of our game. This is a personal best for her finding around 15 objects without any help! Her and I came runners up to Jie beating us by just one card. 

After a quick break for toilet and drinks I prepared the table for our 'Eat a Gingerbread man game'. I found the game back in November via this blog post.. I did plan to print out this game and the M&M's game called 'Dont Eat Pete" but unfortunately our printer ran out of ink so Jie did a great job at drawing the dice and labeling them with the instructions just like the original..

The kids and I had fun munching on our Gingerbread men, eating off heads and limbs. I won the first game and Jie won the second. We also realised halfway through that we all needed a glass of milk. 
Jie and I played two games and Nevaeh decided that she only wanted the body of her other one so we called her man a Gingerbread Nobody! We all couldn't stop laughing..

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Tendrils Of My Existence said...

Every time I go on your blog, I think of your children being grown-ups and all the good memories they're going to have because of all the cool things you do with them.

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