Saturday, 7 December 2013

December 5 & 6..

Christmas Advent Activity Days 5 & 6.
Make popcorn necklaces and watch a Christmas movie & Play the "Don't eat Pete game"..

Day five.. Don't remind me.. SIX hours of Christmas shopping for 8 children had Penny and I Hoola hooping in Sportsco and walking around bare feet in Kmart! We stopped in to grab our Christmas DVD and popcorn but the popcorn was gone in 20 seconds flat of walking into the Shillings house. The DVD did not work on their DVD player though I did make one necklace/bracelet before the kids dipped into another batch of popcorn. Instead, we painted Hosanna's bedroom with the paint we got from Bunnings and eventually got home just after 12 am.

On day six, yesterday, I spent most of the day trying to relax which was hard seeing as there was absolutely no food in the cupboards and the kids were very tired and constantly fighting. I had no motivation to do shopping but eventually did anyway. I tried to make it bearable for the kids and just stuck to very basic instructions and remained positive. It worked quite well without any meltdowns. At around 5pm the Shillings younger four joined us for dinner before I grabbed my thin mattress and mine and kids bedding to cosy up in the lounge with the movie we were all still wanting to see. 

The movie chosen was Christmas Angel.. 

You can grab a copy here.. or if you live near by I'm happy to lend my copy out!

Here are a few photos of our night last night..

And no "Don't eat Pete" game as yet..

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